Feb. 4th, 2009

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Good evening folks.
I kinda just found out about livejournal, it's amazing!
Anyway, I always stayed up late at night and always looking for some good stories for my night.
Now I am looking for some help with some slash fan fictions:
1. I am looking for a fan fiction that is about Chris avoiding his feeling to Vin and being harsh on him. And after that, finally, Vin got very sick and Chris realized what he did to Vin. I remember there is a part about Vin running out from Chris car in the rain. It was brilliant!

2. Also, I am looking for all the story that is about Chris's bad temper. pairing with Vin please.

3. and any story with a sick Vin in it. any pairing is welcomed :)
I love agust:)

Thanks in advance, and good night!
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Hi all!

I'm looking for OW fics where Ezra is hiding other professions behind his gambler persona; teacher, lawyer, doctor, soldier, writer etc. Also, if you know any fics where Ezra is related to more people than Maude (adopted, blood, in-laws). It doesn't matter if they're gen, het or slash but I'd like more comfort than hurt with my h/c.


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