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I'd like some stories, either Old West or AU, it doesn't matter, wherein the rest of the seven realize Vin has been abused, either in the past or present, and react accordingly.  Any kind of abuse.
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i think i read a fic in progress about vin being questioned in the office by the fbi.   he is very upset at the end of the day & runs out, only to be struck by a car (which is not an accident).   when he awakes from the coma, he is a teenager, about the age that he was whenever the incident happened that he was being questioned about.  i think, but am not sure, that he & chris have a relationship.  does this ring a bell with anyone?????  thanks - becky
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Hey all I found some fic in a wayback page that I really want to read by the stories are not available on wayback. Does anyone have alternative links for these fic or if not does anyone have a copy of these fic that they wouldn't mind sharing?
This is the page and beneath are the fic and summaries

Running Home - Vin/Ezra, ATF, rated PG.
July 2, 2002 - 4,09KB
Ezra runs home.

Fireworks - ATF, Vin/Ezra, rated NC-17 (eventually).
My friend's first reaction to reading slash: "I like it, but why do these guys always have to suddenly fall in love, fall in bed and become life partners all within the span of 24 hours - or less?" That was a challenge I simply couldn't resist!
Warning: Work In Progress

I am intensley curious and have tried everything including All Ezra, Blackraptor and google.
I hope one of you guys has better luck.
Thank you.B.
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The first story I'm after is a kid-fic. I don't read much in the children AU's, but I was really enjoying this one before I got interrupted and lost it... Buck was only a little kid and I think Ezra was older and they escaped an orphange. I really wanted to know how it ended. Found! Thanks [personal profile] sallymn

The others I'm interested in are het stories...

Are there any Buck and Louisa stories out there? Or Buck/Inez?
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Hi All;

I'm a new member of the group and someone who is becoming addicted to Mag 7 fic. I'm looking for any fics where Ezra is a child, or any of others as children being raised by Chris and Vin. I have read several where Chris and Buck are a couple and am wondering if there are any with Chris and Vin as a couple.

Also are there any fics where Chris and Vin are a couple and they end up taking care of a sick Ezra?

And the last are there any fics where the group joins together to protect an adult Ezra from Maude's head games?



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