Feb. 25th, 2009

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Hi All;
I know I have been sending out a lot of searches recently, but I am just now getting into Mag 7 fiction, though I have read it off and on for awhile.  On this search I am hoping you can help me find fics where Ezra is in a slash relationship with someone outside of the seven and the group knows about it, but one or more are jealous of the relationship and they end up trying or succeeding to claiming Ezra for themselves.  I would love to see this in a crossover if possible as I am a crossover nut.
The second is where Ezra has platonic relationships with the women of 4 Corners and the children clamour for his attention.  To the surprise of the other 6 Peacekeepers, Ezra is well respected by the women of the town and helps teach them as well as acting as a consultant to help the women maintain their businesses and homes. 
In the next one I am almost certain I read this fic.  Ezra, Nathan, and Vin go to a nearby town and when they check into the hotel the owner treats Ezra well and calls him sir, but calls Nathan foul names and refuses to rent to Vin who he calls savage.  Ezra notices the two men are used to the treatment, but he is offended and refuses to stay in the hotel, they I think end up in a lower establishment, where Ezra confesses he feels more at home, to the confusion of the other men.  I maybe wrong, but I think it ends up in a Vin/Ezra relationship or maybe just gen.
In the last one Ezra and Nathan are in the bank when it is being robbed, Ezra puts himself infront of the robber who is calling Nathan names and gets shot when the man tries to kill Nathan, I think Chris is furious about Ezra being shot and the Potters and Mary panick thinking Ezra is dead.  I know it changes Nathan and Ezra's relationship.
Thanks for putting up with all of my fic searches.



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