Reading Wednesday

Jul. 26th, 2017 02:48 pm
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Just finished

Nada. :(

Currently reading

Still bathroom-reading Janet Morris's Tempus With His Right-Side Companion Niko. Still enjoying it. She's not a stand-out stylist, though very readable, & the world is familiar fantasy, but she has narrative energy, at least for me. I enjoy her writing. The story's interesting, if nothing unique, & the characters are engaging. Also, lots of homosocial bonding, whee!

Next up

I'll move on to the next book in the series--or, at least, the next book in the series I currently own--The Sacred Band, penned w/ her husband Chris Morris. They often collaborate.

WTF! department

Yesterday, I discovered at amazon a Cherryh ebook I didn't know existed! How did this book escape my notice? No clue.

An omnibus of 2 of her novels from the 1980s called The Deep Beyond

I never cared for Serpent's Reach; I read it once & never again, but Cuckoo's Egg is an absolute fave! I've reread that book many times & to have it in retail digital is fabulous. I instantly bought it. :)

It was a Hugo-nominated finalist in its year & is another take on a persistent Cherryh theme: a lone human living amongst aliens (wherein the human is the alien). It's the theme of her very early books Brothers of Earth & Hunter of Worlds; the Chanur series; the Faded Sun Trilogy; &, of course, the Foreigner books, all 18 of them & counting.

In Cuckoo's Egg, Thorn is a human raised by an elite warrior in a single-species world where aliens are unknown, hence feared. The cover of the omnibus is the original cover of Cuckoo's Egg & shows baby Thorn w/ his father, Duun. We get glimpses of his growing up, but the bulk of the book occurs when Thorn is a teenager & learns his history, his purpose, along w/ his proving he's earned a place in the caste system via Duun's teaching.

As w/ all these books, a major part is Thorn's having to learn to deal w/ his isolation, his aloneness, in his world where he is unlike everyone else.

Choices Made With Ease

Jul. 25th, 2017 02:42 pm
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Title: Choices Made With Ease
Sherlock Holmes (ACD), ambiguous ending, rated G
Word Count: 293 words
Summary: Saving Holmes was what was important. The consequences of that success meant little to Watson.
Author's Note: Written for the [community profile] watsons_woes "Healer's Choice: One person Watson chose not to save" prompt.

Choices Made With Ease

TV, Writing and Whatnot

Jul. 22nd, 2017 05:48 pm
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Wynonna Earp has been renewed! Awesome news all around, apparently SYFY/Space isn't scared off by a female led shows with canon f/f. Kind of surprising that it's only halfway through S2 and they're already announcing S3, but I guess it's due to SDCC hype.

Killjoys has been pretty good this season, the most recent ep gave us a taste of Pree's warlord days and introduced us to both his current (Gared) and his ex (and Pree and Lachlan's 'goodbye' makeout scene was ridiculously hot. I hope we see him again soon) I need to hunt down everything Thom Allison has ever done, I love his Pree and he's wonderfully kind of twitter.

I fell away from Doctor Who a while back, but the new news re: Thirteen's casting is awesome. I just may have to try to start watching again.

I haven't managed much for this year's Watsons-Woes, a combo of uninterest in Sherlock (the past several additions to canon haven't really been my thing), general bad brain and the fact I set myself the goal of writing something I'd be willing to put on AO3 as opposed to just throw on my LJ/DW. Oh well, maybe the last few prompts will spark something.

I'm debating signing up for the newest remix challenge,, which, unlike previous ones, does not allow for turning gen relationships in the original fic into a pairing (all have the rule that if the fic has a A/B relationship you can't change it and remix it to be B/C but the last time I did one it didn't consider that altering A&B to A/B was changing the relationship so that was allowed). I worry a little that I'd get assigned someone who writes only, I don't know, A/B/O HS AUs or something and be stuck trying to figure out a way to write a remix out of something that is not remotely my cup of tea. Signups don't end until 7/30 though, so there's still time to decide.

I'm been doing a lot of genealogy of late. Something I love, but am often hampered by the lack of online resources, location (if only I were still in NY!), money (I can only justify paying for subscriptions to so many sites/ordering so many certificates) and a language barrier. There aren't that many German, Polish or Russian documents available for my tree for me to flail and fail at, but there's quite a lot of church books in Swedish and French (Quebecois technically) that I've been trying to muddle my way through for my husband's. Trying to get through 200 or 300+ year old bad handwriting (sometimes also scanned poorly) in a language I do not know can make for an interesting time. (On that note, if anyone is willing to look at one particular 1819 Quebec marriage record for me, I'd be ridiculously grateful.) By the by, I've also helped create trees for friends, if you're interested in trying to delve into your family's history or expanding on what you know I'd be happy to help. (I have the world subscription and know of a bunch of other sites, some of which are free, so while my expertise is US- particularly NY/NJ/MN, Pale of Jewish Settlement, Canada, and Sweden, I can probably help for just about anywhere.)

Daughter finally arrived home from studying abroad across the pond a few weeks ago. She had a blast and traveled at every opportunity so went all over the UK, Ireland, France, Milan, Italy, Romania, Germany, Latvia, Spain and probably a few places I am forgetting. However it did lead to the great texts like "I'm okay! Was at Notre Dame when everything went down but they herded to a bookstore and locked us in! How awesome is that?" (about the stabbing spree at Notre Dame. She was in Manchester and London the days of the terror events in those places too. Possibly another as well? I can't remember.) She also made it to Oxford and met up with [personal profile] jadesfire there so that was kind of cool. Molly the dog is thrilled to have her girl home, and as a bonus I don't have to walk her in super hot summer humidity anymore now since that's daughter's job when she's here. :)

Friday 5

Jul. 21st, 2017 06:31 pm
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Today's [community profile] thefridayfive questions:

Friday 5 music )

Images for AO3 stories

Jul. 20th, 2017 08:43 pm
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Since Photobucket switched in June 2017 to an exorbitant annual subscription fee for allowing images to be displayed on 3rd-party sites, I'm instead hosting the pictures here & linking to them in the stories they illustrate at the AO3.

Mi Chaqueta, Su Chaqueta )

Ezra Meets His Future Best Friends )

Bye, Photobucket

Jul. 20th, 2017 08:13 pm
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Photobucket finally got around to replacing my images w/ their "pay up" graphic as I discovered today when I checked.

So, as I mentioned I'd do in this event in a recent post, I've deleted the Clothing & Guest Character image pages from the M7 Handbook. Hopefully I also found all the links to those pages in different places.

For the 3 images w/ 2 of my M7 stories at AO3, I'm going to make a post here in a few minutes displaying those images, then link to that post from the fics. All 3 can go in the same post, which will make them easy to find. If I ever want another image associated w/ a fic, I'll just add it to that same post.

Not as great as having the pictures right there at the bottom of the stories--I doubt any reader will bother clicking a link to go elsehwere--but 3 images is not worth trying to find a new host that works on AO3. Unfortunately, Dreamwidth hosted images don't show there; or at least the test image I tried didn't show up.

I tried out flickr, but it's hopeless. I wasted way too much time trying to figure out how to get the image url. That's all I want! Just upload & give me the link. But, no, it's all runaround everywhere trying to find anything as simple as that. /kvetching

I've had that Photobucket account since 2004. That's a long time for something on the internet to last! I've deleted the account now. Won't ever use it again. Glad I did all the moving & replacing of images last week before the ugly replacement graphic showed up all over.

And there's the proof the new policy applies to even the tiniest users. I was using only 2% of the allowable space as a free user.

Some Truths are Loyal

Jul. 19th, 2017 08:39 pm
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Title: Some Truths are Loyal
Fandom: The Librarians
Pairing: Ezekiel & Jenkins
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,485
Summary: Ezekiel and Jenkins are being stalked.
Notes: Thank you to both of my betas for this fic jdl71and [personal profile] meridian_rose both made this story so much better.  This was written for the Librarians shipathon 2017, Ezekiel & Jenkins week. Also for hc_bingo prompt: hostile climate, table here. Mythology based on the info found here and here.  The rest I made up.
Some truths are loyal
As the shadows we lead
Some truths are stubborn as gravity
No matter what category you fit into
Truth’s got its sight set on you
-South by Sleeping at Last

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Looking for help about pic posting

Jul. 16th, 2017 06:54 pm
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I have used photobucket to house pictures and then post them. Well I find out today that they want me to pay for third party postings. $399.00 . . . . All my postings that had pics are gone. The pics are in the PB but links are disabled.

So my plea for help is how do I get photos into postings. . . or do I need to find another holding site?

Thank you. . .I am freaking out over the thought of having to go back and repost pics in my LJ, DW, and A03 accounts.



Jul. 16th, 2017 06:54 pm

Book meme

Jul. 15th, 2017 12:59 pm
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It's a quiet Saturday of doing nothing but resting my knee, so when better to do a 50-question Book Meme? Seen in many places lately. Warning: it appears to have been originally created by a 12-year-old, so it gets lolaciously ridiculous in the middle. *g*

Book Meme 2017 )


Jul. 14th, 2017 12:32 pm
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I've been having a lousy week, in part because of an old knee injury acting up. It's been a thing since I was about 20 & I'm used to it periodically aching for several days if I accidentally twist it a bit or something similar. But this week, omg. It hasn't hurt this badly in years.

I've seen folks use round-ups of things in their life that are good or happy or that they're grateful for & figured I'd give it a try. Also: a list! My "i like lists" tag has been sadly underused lately.

1. yesterday, my writing streak at reached 500 days & I graduated to the next tier up badge: spacebird!

2. I heard about & signed up for's ebook club & got a free, no-drm copy of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Dart - each month, Tor gives away 1 ebook to members of the club, whee!

3. the new series of Who Do You Think You Are (UK) has begun & I have episode 14x02, focusing on Craig Revel Horwood, ready to watch;

4. I indulged in some retail therapy yesterday, ordering a purple bra in a completely new-to-me style along w/ a totally indulgent, cheap but very pretty blue bead bracelet;

5. my weekend plans involve doing nothing whatsoever except rest my knee; I have lots of food (my fridge is full of little bottles of liquid meal replacement as well as fresh raw veggies) & no need to go out for anything, so I'm not!

My knee is actually feeling a bit better today after a mighty 4 hours sleep last night, so I'm cautiously hopeful it will continue to improve!

Hope all of you have, or are having, happy weekends yourselves. :)


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