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Original Request by [ profile] dj_aida on this post
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LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [profile] kohako_shadow)

Okay I believe that this was an Ezra fic , timeframe a couple of days before and during Christmas. I can't remember the title, but I believe it was derived of one of the characters in the story. Oh and it's set in ATF.

Ezra was loaned for the holidays somewhere away from Denver. I think. He suffers from Amnesia due to some kind of accident and this old dude, don't know his name, offers to take him home.

Along the way he sorta recollects his memories bit by bit. There was one scene where Ezra and the old man are in a diner and they are trying out names for Ezra. A song by Better than Ezra comes on and Ezra asks the waitress who's playing. And he suddenly remembers his name and some more things.

I'm sorry that's not alot of clues but I'm sleep-deprived and I have classes tomorrow so I'll leave the rest to you. Deeply appreciate all of your help.


PS: FOUND Far From Home

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The first OW fic I'm thinking about was Ezra getting shot by Buck and left for dead in the wild. Buck hit his head (fell down somewhere) and lost a few years of memory. He thought the war was still going on and shot the approaching Reb who was asking if he was alright. FOUND

The second OW fic was with Ezra loosing his memory after getting beat up. He's with a few others of the Mag7 (possibly after a delivering a prisoner to somewhere) and when he wakes up he don't recognize his fellow riders. He doesn't remember if he's running a con or not but since they are calling him Ezra he decides to stay with them for awhile. FOUND

The third OW fic deals with Ezra loosing his memory of the past 2 years living in FC. He thinks it's still those first 30 days. The others try to get him to want to stay in FC. The fic started with Ezra wanting to buy back the Standish Tavern from Maude through the bank but they are under orders not to sell to him. FOUND

They are a few more amnesia-fics to read (OW, ATF and AU's). Does anyone know them? Both Chris and Ezra gets amnesia in a few ATF fics, and there's an AU arc with Vin here.
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LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [profile] pinksakuya)

Hey guys, I was wondering if anoyone can help me find this fic. It is sort of a ATF/LB story. The ATF gang are all on a bust and somehow Vin and JD get hurt. They all think that they have a head injury because they become little kids and think they are adopted by Buck and Chris. I think it was on Black raptor but I can seem to find it.

Any help would be appreciated!!



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