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Hi, I'm looking for a story set in the ATF AU. I can remember most of the story but the title and author are a complete blank. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Basically, the Team decides that Ezra and Vin would make a perfect couple and try to set them up. All of their schemes fail and it's only after they stop trying that Vin and Ezra end up together. The story involved a trip to Las Vegas for a case. There was also a water gun fight that trashed the office and I'm pretty sure they ran up a huge bill at a restaurant.

I hope this sounds familiar because I would love to read this story again. Thanks, KV.

Edit: Story found. Link in comments. Thank you.
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Looking for a fic

I'm not totally sure that I rememberthis correctly but there is this one scene that I remember. In the ATF AU. Ezra and Vin are in a meeting with the others, Vin starts talking and behaving like Ezra and Ezra like Vin. The others are wondering if they are possessed.
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Hey guys!

I'm hoping someone can help me find a certain story. It's set in the ATF AU. Vin and Ezra interrupt an assault. They're so covered in blood that there is concern that they may be at risk, and the medics test them for HIV. They end up keeping it from the others until they know the results, and the story is a lot about the two of them getting to know each other better. Sadly, I don't remember much more than that. If anyone can tell me what this fic is called, or where it is archived, I'd be grateful. I've been looking for it for a little while now. ^_^



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