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Original Request by [ profile] vethlia on this post link to fic is in the comments.
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LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [personal profile] needfire)

This driving me mad. OW Ezra and Nathan are coming back from a journey when they are attacked and set afoot in the desert. Ezra looks after Nathan who has a broken leg and uses a tent for dew water also prickly pear for fruit. He makes friends with a native tribe who help him he ends up wearing native garb when Vin and Josiah find them. Later many towns women come all a flutter at seeing so much of him. Vin and Josiah found they were missing when they recognized Chaucer.

OW Another has Vin and Ezra running from bounty hunters, Ezra is wearing a green coat, they end up holed up in some trees behind some boulders and Ezra gets shot. Vin thinks he is dead and is upset when the other five find them.

OW A wild wild west crossover where Vin and Ezra go undercover in a town and end up in a flying machine over the heads of the rest of the seven and a unit of union solders.Much to Chris's horror who had earlier confiscated a Jules Verne novel to stop them getting any mad ideas.

I have no idea how to set tags, sorry for this.
Thank you any that can help me.


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