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I'm looking for a trilogy of stories by Yolanda. It begins with Rebuilding the Past, then Day of the Hunters, There was supposed to be a third story Remember Me. Does anyone know if it was written and if so where we can find it. The first two stories are very cool and awesome. Please help.
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The first story I'm after is a kid-fic. I don't read much in the children AU's, but I was really enjoying this one before I got interrupted and lost it... Buck was only a little kid and I think Ezra was older and they escaped an orphange. I really wanted to know how it ended. Found! Thanks [personal profile] sallymn

The others I'm interested in are het stories...

Are there any Buck and Louisa stories out there? Or Buck/Inez?
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*waves* hi all!

I'm looking for any Mag7/Buffy crossover.

Preferably slash. I've read the ones on TTH, and I was hoping that there was more. Especially if it was a Xander/Ezra, Xander/Vin, Xander/Chris or Xander/Buck crossover.

*puppy dog eyes* please help me?
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Okay everyone I'm looking for a fairly short story featuring all the guys with main focus on Ezra and Chris with Buck as supporting character.

Ezra gets yelled AND then punched by Chris in front of the whole gang. I remember Buck ribbing Chris about punching Ezra 'cause he reminds him of Adam and Chris shouldn't treat Ezra like that.

At the end of the story Ezra and Chris talk and Ezra confess to Chris that he feels honoured, I think, that Chris sees Adam in Ezra. Ezra also tells Chris that he's real middle name is Adam.

I've been trying to find that piece of story using several words/sentences that I still remember from the story but I still can't find it. I hope that you are able to help me with finding that story. I'd really appreciate all of your help.


Found: Faces from the Past


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