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Original Request by [ profile] wah_keetcha on this post link to fic is in the comments.
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Hello everybody!

Today I am looking for two different stories I read when I was new to this fandom. Both stories are slash with Ezra as a main character.

#1 Ezra/Vin OW story. Ezra likes watching his lover sleep but Vin can't stay asleep when he feels somebody watching. To do his lover a favor Vin takes some sleeping potion/powder (or something) to stay asleep. Only he takes too much and Ezra can't wake him. In a panic he gets the others and of course has to spill the beans concerning the relationship between him and Vin.

#2 ATF story, I'm honestly not sure anymore with whom Ezra was paired. Something goes wrong with Ezra's migraine-medicine, completely throwing his emotional balance. The scene I remember clearly is Ezra hiding in the bathroom because he can't stop crying (and doesn't even understand why he is crying) and his lover comes and gets him.

So, I'm trusting the amazing finding-abilities of this community.
Thanks already
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so i just spend the better part of two hours digging my truck out of the foot plus of snow that got dumped on us yesterday, all the while the cats sitting in the window taunting me.  i have to tell you, sweating while arctic winds blow in your face is something everyone should try at least once... :)

so now i am in the mood for stories while i sit and hibernate in my apartment in this abysmal weather.  i'm looking for good ones about the boys and snow.  they could be playing in it, working in it, hurt in it, you get the idea.  i'm interested in OW and ATF, so let me know what your faves are and i'll check them out while i thaw out.



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