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Hi,I'm trying to find a story I read ages ago,it was ATF and Vin centric,it was a rape fic (I think) I remember Vin was captured but managed to escape killing his captors,Buck was called to the scene because the local police had found Vins id and knew that he worked with Buck.Vin had somehow made it back to his apartment and locked himself in his bedroom.Does this sound familiar to anyone? I keep searching but I can't find it anywhere.
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I've just joined this community and feel rather cheeky just coming in with a request for help right off the bat but here's the thing, being relatively new to Mag7 fic I sort of went wild reading as much as I could without thought to making a note of the ones I really liked *bangs head on desk* so the fiction I'm looking for is :

Vin gets injured/ill and ends up in hospital with pneumonia but is so ill/injured he can't help himself and it takes a lot of help/tlc from the rest of the gang,doctors and therapist's to get him well, any idea's or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Sorry for the vagueness I'm getting old......
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Old West story--I think it's Gen, but I'm not positive. Anyway, from what I remember, the town of Four Corners is held hostage by a gang that wants Vin, but he's out of town. But really, Vin has returned--but no one recognizes him. He's cut his hair, shaved, and is wearing borrowed clothes, so he looks really young. He manages to trick the gang and begins taking them out one by one by using various disguises. Umm... at one point he dresses in the clothes of one of the gang members. Ezra might be wounded and I think the rest of the seven are holed up in the saloon. Ring any bells?
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It was a Gen Old West fic. I don't remember the author, title or even where I read it. The basic plot was as follows:

Takes place around One Day Out West.
Vin & Ezra focus.
They wind up in a hayloft sharing a bottle of whiskey. Seems they have a lot in common (fought for the Rebels, broken childhoods, etc.)

Any takers?
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I'm looking for an ATF fic where Vin and Ezra end up being turned into little kids on a case. It had something to do with merry-go-round.

They end up at an emergecy foster care place, get out from there, and end up just popping up in the denver office. And than Chris kindof takes charge of them and gets them in school for a while until they end up reaged.
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Looking for a fic

I'm not totally sure that I rememberthis correctly but there is this one scene that I remember. In the ATF AU. Ezra and Vin are in a meeting with the others, Vin starts talking and behaving like Ezra and Ezra like Vin. The others are wondering if they are possessed.


Jan. 4th, 2007 08:26 pm
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Hi all,

I'm new to this community. Figured I'd ask here to see if anyone new the fic that I read a while back but can't remember the title of. I think I read it on the Blackraptor Mag7 Fic page but am not sure. Here is what I remember of the fic (it might have been a short series of fics):

This is a modern day AU (might be ATF later in the story). Starts off with Vin as a child with his mother in Texas. His mother takes Vin and runs from her abusive boyfriend from one side of Texas to the other side of Texas. They live in a motel. One day Vin's mother's boyfriend finds them and comes to the motel. Vin's mother tells Vin to go to the park across the street and not to come back until she comes to get him. He sits there all day and into the night and his mother never comes. The police and EMS are called to the motel and find her body. For whatever reason, one of the police officers finds Vin in the park and links him to the woman in the motel room. His mother had been killed by the boyfriend. The police officer is married and takes Vin home with him. The police officer and wife are foster parents and take Vin in for a while. Vin starts going to school while living with them and they find out he has dislexia and doesn't like school. The officer helps Vin a lot with his studies and is very good at dealing with Vin. Then Vin's grandfather is found and comes to take Vin. Vin goes with his grandfather to Colorado and his grandfather is not as understanding about Vin's difficulties in school. However, he does his best to raise Vin. The grandfather dies when Vin is in middle school. Vin gets put into the foster care system in Colorado and runs away from it after a while. Lives on the streets of Denver (Purgatorio). Things happen and a social worker (Nettie) is fond of Vin but can't take him. Vin goes to HS graduation and happens to run into the police officer and his wife again at the graduation. The police officer & wife had moved to Colorado and were there because they'd seen Vin's name in the paper listed in the graduates. Vin goes off to the army. Then the next part of the story (or series) I can remember, is after the officer dies but his widow still has foster kids. Child services takes to foster kids from her on the day of the funeral. Vin is there when it happens, trying to comfort the widow. Vin is with ATF Team 7 in this part of the story. Vin & Team 7 help to get the kids back for the widow (name starts with B but can't remember what it is).

Sorry for being so long winded. Hope someone knows where to find it.

Hope everyone had a pleasant New Year's!

Edit (Jan 5 2007): Found a story that was similar but doesn't have the police officer taking Vin home for fostering. I don't know if I mixed up two different stories or what. The story that I found is titled "Surpises" by Kim over at Blackraptor ( I know that there is a set of stories that follows Vin from childhood to his time as an ATF agent with Team 7, I just have yet to find it.
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Hi,I hope someone can help me, I found this story again just the other week and it's driving me nuts that I've forgotten the title and author again. I'm looking for an ATF gen story, Vin and Chris are the major players, although it features all seven. I think it's in three or four parts and it's set prior to Vin joining the team. He's a bounty hunter and an ATF bust interferes with his bounty. He and Chris have a martial arts style fight, Vin then leaves, but they run into one another again at the ER. Later on Vin gets badly hurt, but he pulls through, and Chris invites him to join the team.

Ring any bells with any one?
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Hail all, I really appreciate the existence of this fic finding community and the work you all are doing. I am trying to find a story about the modern Chris, Vin, and Ezra driving into a town and then Vin and Ezra getting switched back and forth with their OW counterparts--somehow this revolves around the church and a severe storm where they have to save some women who take shelter from the storm in the church. One thing that stands out in my mind about this story is OW Ezra's first sight of the modern Ezra's car(I'm pretty sure it was a silver Jetta). Another is that Vin gets hurt when the storm strikes the church and something goes into his back. Does this ring any bells for anyone? It was one of those things where I was clicking from link to link over a couple of hours and I have no idea now how to get back to that site. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
Health and good cheer, Seileach


Sep. 27th, 2006 12:59 pm
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I have seen a story about Vin and Chris had fight and hitting each other.
I want to find the stories like that, do you have any good recommendation for me?
Thank you:-)
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I'm looking for a fanfic that goes between OW and ATF/modernverse. Vin is injured in the OW, but somehow he wakes up in ATF/modernverse and gets treatment, and keeps going back and forth between the two worlds. Chris catches on to the "different Vins" eventually. I read it once, and I have no idea where I found it. Thanks in advance!
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I got this request as a comment to my intro post. Does this ring any bells for anyone?

I have lost a link to the Australian woman who writes really over-the-top Vin H/C. She's a good enough writer to make me care, even though it's OTT. In one story, bad guys kidnapped Vin and force him to fight in illegal fights so they can bet and win. The rest of the seven finally catch up with them in Australia where Vin is in the middle of a steel cage match. They bust in, only to have the bad guy shoot Vin. And that's only halfway through the story. ::grin::


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