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I remember there was a fan fiction i read awhile ago

it is about Ezra fell off from a root when Vin was chasing him or something, and then Ezra was badly injuried.

I cant remember the rest of it, but I think it is VIn and Ezra centered. And I can't remember if it is slash or gen.

However, does anyone know about this story?

thank you


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I just finished reading Q'Mar's Traviner Variant stories on Blackraptor and off a Mag 7 challenge sight.  In one of the fics it mentions an incident where the guys are going to the airport and Ezra's picture is posted on one of their boards from a previous kidnapping attempt.  I can't find the story about his kidnapping.  Does anyone know where I might find it? I appreciate the help.
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 Good evening!
It's late and I could not sleep, so I am looking for  fan fictions to read :)

Is there any fan fictions with Vin being hit by one of the team members? or being blamed?

and I am also looking for fictions with Vin being sick as well. gen or slash with ezra/vin or chris/vin pairing particularly .

Please help, and thank you all!

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Good morning everybody!
I just found out the Collateral Damage (series) is not yet finished :*(
Anyway, does anyone knows any story that is:

#1 belong to the AU that " Ezra is an assassin, JD his sidekick, Sarah is still alive" besides the Collateral Damage (series)?

#2 or any story that is similar to the story Collateral Damage (series) where Vin and Ezra were friends in childhood and then became two different kind of man when they grow up;

#3 or story that either Vin or Ezra is an assassin?

#4 or  story that Vin is being protective in anyway by Ezra or Chris? :D

*P.S: all story can be gen or slash*

Thank you! I'll be appreciated with your helps!



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so i just spend the better part of two hours digging my truck out of the foot plus of snow that got dumped on us yesterday, all the while the cats sitting in the window taunting me.  i have to tell you, sweating while arctic winds blow in your face is something everyone should try at least once... :)

so now i am in the mood for stories while i sit and hibernate in my apartment in this abysmal weather.  i'm looking for good ones about the boys and snow.  they could be playing in it, working in it, hurt in it, you get the idea.  i'm interested in OW and ATF, so let me know what your faves are and i'll check them out while i thaw out.

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Hello everyone!

I just finished some fanfictions which mentioned fights between the guys (mostly Vin and Chris). I found it quite interesting, so I am looking for any fic that include fights between Vin with the other six. Psyical or non-psycial, slash are gen are all fine :)
Thank you very much!

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This driving me mad. OW Ezra and Nathan are coming back from a journey when they are attacked and set afoot in the desert. Ezra looks after Nathan who has a broken leg and uses a tent for dew water also prickly pear for fruit. He makes friends with a native tribe who help him he ends up wearing native garb when Vin and Josiah find them. Later many towns women come all a flutter at seeing so much of him. Vin and Josiah found they were missing when they recognized Chaucer.

OW Another has Vin and Ezra running from bounty hunters, Ezra is wearing a green coat, they end up holed up in some trees behind some boulders and Ezra gets shot. Vin thinks he is dead and is upset when the other five find them.

OW A wild wild west crossover where Vin and Ezra go undercover in a town and end up in a flying machine over the heads of the rest of the seven and a unit of union solders.Much to Chris's horror who had earlier confiscated a Jules Verne novel to stop them getting any mad ideas.

I have no idea how to set tags, sorry for this.
Thank you any that can help me.
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Old West story--I think it's Gen, but I'm not positive. Anyway, from what I remember, the town of Four Corners is held hostage by a gang that wants Vin, but he's out of town. But really, Vin has returned--but no one recognizes him. He's cut his hair, shaved, and is wearing borrowed clothes, so he looks really young. He manages to trick the gang and begins taking them out one by one by using various disguises. Umm... at one point he dresses in the clothes of one of the gang members. Ezra might be wounded and I think the rest of the seven are holed up in the saloon. Ring any bells?
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It was a Gen Old West fic. I don't remember the author, title or even where I read it. The basic plot was as follows:

Takes place around One Day Out West.
Vin & Ezra focus.
They wind up in a hayloft sharing a bottle of whiskey. Seems they have a lot in common (fought for the Rebels, broken childhoods, etc.)

Any takers?
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Hey, I'm hoping someone can help me out. My computer just gave up the ghost, and took all my bookmarks with it so I am totally without all my favorite fics. One in particular that I really want to read at the moment is a fic where Buck gets word that they're exhuming his mother's corpse because they think her killer has struck again. Ezra ends up going with him to Las Vegas and they trace Buck's past. It's ATF-verse, and I think a minor CSI-crossover. Any leads would be fantastic! Thanks!


Sep. 27th, 2006 12:59 pm
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I have seen a story about Vin and Chris had fight and hitting each other.
I want to find the stories like that, do you have any good recommendation for me?
Thank you:-)


Jul. 23rd, 2006 09:35 am
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I'm looking for a fic I read awhile ago it's Gen and is a series what I can remember is that the seven are base on a Island and are fighter pilots JD is new to the team. I remember one part that another team lost a bet to them and Erza takes their team leaders Mascot which if I remember is a dog and Vin befriends it much to their disgust. Does this sound at all familar to anyone? Thanks in advance Star


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