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greetings, fellow mag7 fans!  since it's never too late to give a Christmas gift, i offer three of my favorite seasonal stories.

i love schmoopy stories for Christmas, and this one's a classic, in the LB fandom:

The Eyes of a Child, by Holly

and here are two new favorites:

Matches, by Seremela

i've always loved The Little Matchgirl by Hans Christian Andersonn, and Sere does it justice.  i still wanted a happy ending, though - i always cry when i read that story.

and Angel Ride, by Nancy W.

Angel Ride is a new LB AU set in Cattraine's Dark Angel's universe.  i sincerely hope Cattraine allows Nancy to write more LB works in her AU, because this beginning story is fantastic.

and now, a request:

does anyone know of any stories where JD is a girl?  any AU, gen or slash, presto-chango or girl from a beginning.  i know this fandom doesn't run to genderbending stories too often, and i think i've seen a grand total of... 7 - 6 of which are in twyla's (?) 'Triad' universe, and the 7th had a female Chris.

but i think i'd be interested in a female JD, if anyone knows of one out there.



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Ok, someone posted this question on the yahoo list a few days ago, and I haven't seen anyone come up with an answer. 

Has anyone seen a fic where JD is a girl?  Especially in the pilot or when they first meet in an AU?  This seemed like an interesting premise, and I'd like to read this fic if someone can find it.  I'm pretty sure it's not on Enola's website - she concentrates on Ezra and Vin for genderswitch.

Gen or slash (would it be slash if JD's a girl?) both welcome.  I'm also welcoming any JD-genderswitch stories just on principle.  I find it an interesting enough idea to go on a bender over it.

Thanks in advance!



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