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Original Request by [ profile] winks7985 on this post link to fic is in the comments.
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this one is sticking in my brain recently.  and if i don't find it, i'm doomed to never get it out of my brain.

what i remember is this:  ezra sitting in his office, all o the guys having come from a bust or a raid.  josiah goes into chris's office with ezra's vest and says something to the effect of "i don't think ezra got out of that unscathed" and holds up the vest and there's damage to the vest.  they go to ezra's office and make him open his shirt to reveal a big bruise on his side.

and that's all i remember.  it's bothering the hell out of me though.

anyone know what i'm talking about?  or at least heard of it (so i know i'm not crazy)?
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Hi everyone,

I've been looking for this particular fic for a while now, but I just can't remember the story or much of the details. I'm pretty sure it was ATF, it was probably Gen, definitely Ezra-centric. Just a scene stands out:
Ezra is in hospital (possibly catatonic or shocked or something, and is not his usual "chatty" self), sitting in his own room, by the window in an armchair (I think). I think it was Buck who finds him sitting there, Ezra starts crying silently, and Buck hugs him because he doesn't know what to say.

....unfortunately that's all I can remember. I'm pretty sure it was Buck and no one else who was in that particular scene.
Any help is appreciated!!

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This driving me mad. OW Ezra and Nathan are coming back from a journey when they are attacked and set afoot in the desert. Ezra looks after Nathan who has a broken leg and uses a tent for dew water also prickly pear for fruit. He makes friends with a native tribe who help him he ends up wearing native garb when Vin and Josiah find them. Later many towns women come all a flutter at seeing so much of him. Vin and Josiah found they were missing when they recognized Chaucer.

OW Another has Vin and Ezra running from bounty hunters, Ezra is wearing a green coat, they end up holed up in some trees behind some boulders and Ezra gets shot. Vin thinks he is dead and is upset when the other five find them.

OW A wild wild west crossover where Vin and Ezra go undercover in a town and end up in a flying machine over the heads of the rest of the seven and a unit of union solders.Much to Chris's horror who had earlier confiscated a Jules Verne novel to stop them getting any mad ideas.

I have no idea how to set tags, sorry for this.
Thank you any that can help me.
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hey there, my first post here...

1. i'm looking for a specific ficlet, which has been driving me mad! - ezra & buck are the main characters, and it's gen. i'm pretty sure it's set in the atf (or a similar modern days) au, and the other boys are working on an other case/on leave/ just not around. that's why buck & ezra work with another team (i think) and go out on a bust, which goes bad (of course) - ezra is shot a few times, although he's wearing a vest. i'm pretty sure the fic was rather short, because i only remmeber this one scene (although that doesn't necessarily mean anything)

2. i'm an ezra girl and i'm also a sucker for good hurt/comfort and plot. so i was wondering if there are any fics in which ezra is stalked or somehow hunted down by a killer/ obsessive guy/ whatever. i prefer friendship stories (especially with chris and/or vin), but i also like slash, if it's really good (also with chris. or vin. or buck. or, you know... *g*) [& i've already read the devil inside by vampyr alex]

3. i haven't been active in the mag 7 fandom for quite some time now, but i really feel the need to get back into it (especially the fic), so i'd love any good new fics, which focus on ezra - i still prefer h/c, friendshippy things and similar, but i'd read anything good. i'm just interested in your favorites ezra stories from the last year or so
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Okay I can't remember most of the story lines of the story but I've really loved it. I bookmarked it on my laptop but it crashed 2 years ago. I've been hoping to find it on the Net but I can't remember the name nor the author of the stories.

The first is a Christmas story with I think Ezra and Vin being 'loaned to some Feds or something like that.
 Seventh Heaven

The second story is also an ATF story. I can't remember the plot that very well but the gist is that Ezra got hurt and is recuperating at the Ranch. He's feeling self-conscious and self-pity toward himself and just want to go home so that no one of the others can see him in his moment of weakness. 
Brothers and Lessons

The third story is a Little Ezra story. Buck is a CEO of a big company and I think that Ezra's his adopted son.
Someone to watch over me

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Looking for two fics that I'm sure are a few years old, if not more.

The first one: [Found] Rough Beginnings

Ezra and Buck are undercover and Ezra is hit a few times with a baseball bat, then the good guys arrive and throw tear gas into the room and Ezra reacts badly to it. I think there's a lot more to it but I can't remember it.

The second one: [FoundMoonlight and Solitude

There is a bomber in town, and at one of the scenes Ezra starts coughing up a lung, turns out he has pneumonia and I remember something about them going to arrest the bad guy who lives in a caravan and it blows up.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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