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Ok, I know these stories exisit, I read them before, but I can' seem to find them again.

1) A whole series of stories where Ezra was a crimnal profiler I think and joined the M7 FBI team but not everyone likes him, and he had like a hannibal lecter like assciation with a child murderer he put away.

2) A supernatural series... I think the whole group were supernatural investigators, I know there were aliens in one of the stories, but that's all I got unfortuately.

3)Does anyone know if J.Brooks has writte a sequel to Fellow Traveller (I'm not talkin Encumbered) I recall it being mentioned somewhere that she was writing one, but no matter where I look I can find no sign of it.

4) (if this isn't allowed just let me know) Does anyone have any really good recs wherein th seven, most particularly Vin or Chrs are realy protective over Ezra, maybe someone insults him and they take offense even if he doesn't, one's where Ezra is very uncanonically insecure (Well, looking back he wasn't as insecure as fic makes him out to be, but sue me, I like him doubting himself and the others) but all endings must be happy.

5) Any young/kid ezra fic. if the others are kids too that's fine, but I've found it particularly difficult to track all the kidfic down, and it happens to be my favorite, I know about M7 Kidfic, and Ezras littleverse archive, but I keep hitting dead ends other than those and it's driving me mad cause I'm sure there are more kidfics out there that I can't find.

6) (Final one I promise) Does anyone happen to know of any fics out there where Nathan is the one taking care of Ezra, either with Ezra as a kid, or an adult, or some kind of brotherly thing going on, becaus I could just see Maude and Nathan's father together (in the past), and the two boys now men have to deal with the outcome. If there are none I might just take the idea ad write a fic on it myself.

Thank you in advance for any and all help. 
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I remember reading a story about Obediah's funeral, but I can't find it again. Has anyone got a link to this or any other stories relating to Obediah's presumably short time in the town?

Found! Link in the comments below...
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This driving me mad. OW Ezra and Nathan are coming back from a journey when they are attacked and set afoot in the desert. Ezra looks after Nathan who has a broken leg and uses a tent for dew water also prickly pear for fruit. He makes friends with a native tribe who help him he ends up wearing native garb when Vin and Josiah find them. Later many towns women come all a flutter at seeing so much of him. Vin and Josiah found they were missing when they recognized Chaucer.

OW Another has Vin and Ezra running from bounty hunters, Ezra is wearing a green coat, they end up holed up in some trees behind some boulders and Ezra gets shot. Vin thinks he is dead and is upset when the other five find them.

OW A wild wild west crossover where Vin and Ezra go undercover in a town and end up in a flying machine over the heads of the rest of the seven and a unit of union solders.Much to Chris's horror who had earlier confiscated a Jules Verne novel to stop them getting any mad ideas.

I have no idea how to set tags, sorry for this.
Thank you any that can help me.


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