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Hello everybody!

Today I am looking for two different stories I read when I was new to this fandom. Both stories are slash with Ezra as a main character.

#1 Ezra/Vin OW story. Ezra likes watching his lover sleep but Vin can't stay asleep when he feels somebody watching. To do his lover a favor Vin takes some sleeping potion/powder (or something) to stay asleep. Only he takes too much and Ezra can't wake him. In a panic he gets the others and of course has to spill the beans concerning the relationship between him and Vin.

#2 ATF story, I'm honestly not sure anymore with whom Ezra was paired. Something goes wrong with Ezra's migraine-medicine, completely throwing his emotional balance. The scene I remember clearly is Ezra hiding in the bathroom because he can't stop crying (and doesn't even understand why he is crying) and his lover comes and gets him.

So, I'm trusting the amazing finding-abilities of this community.
Thanks already
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Hey guys,

I'm looking for any fics, well not Slash, but any other fic where Ezra is the main focus and very ill.

I've already gone through NT's, Tipper's and HeatherF's stories for some wonderful Ezra/sick fiction and wondered if there were any other good Ezra/sick/ill stories out there. I know there are a lot more wonderful stories out there, too many to name! 

So maybe some of you can rec some for me....

Thanks for any help! 
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Looking for two fics that I'm sure are a few years old, if not more.

The first one: [Found] Rough Beginnings

Ezra and Buck are undercover and Ezra is hit a few times with a baseball bat, then the good guys arrive and throw tear gas into the room and Ezra reacts badly to it. I think there's a lot more to it but I can't remember it.

The second one: [FoundMoonlight and Solitude

There is a bomber in town, and at one of the scenes Ezra starts coughing up a lung, turns out he has pneumonia and I remember something about them going to arrest the bad guy who lives in a caravan and it blows up.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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