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I'm looking for a fic that has the base from the movie "Haunting" I believe.

Chris was conned by Mary (she's evil in this or a possesed by the house) to host a supernatural evening on a house he owns. The Larabee mansion has been haunted for ages and has taken the lives of many Larabee men through the years. Mary invites a whole host of scientists to prove the house is haunted as well as people who claim to be psychic or just have powers, a kind of scientists versus supernatural types.

All of the seven are there plus Cassie, Nettie and Mary and a bunch of college kids and a professor. Vin is a powerful psychic that lives with Nettie and has locked in himself because of past abuse.

The house locks them in and kills a buch of people and it needs Vin to complete a ritual or something to the effect. Under the horror story is the story of the Magnificent Seven that lived in the old west and their story is linked with what's happening.

The ending is rather marvelous when they escape the house and Chris realizes that Vin is his missing kid brother that he'd thought had died when they were children. He didn't realize because the abuse Vin suffered destroyed Vin's hands (he was called a elf because he had six fingers in his hands and those had to be cut off due to damage).

A very long fic and I adored it to pieces, I read it awhile back when I was going through a Magnificent Seven binge and apparently didn't remember to bookmark, idiot me.

Thanks a million in advance to the lovely soul that finds it. I haven't a clue who wrote it or even where I read it. If you need more info on the fic just poke me and I'll provide if this doesn't jog anyone's memory.


FOUND! by the wonderful etakyma. It is Retirw's "Petrie's Folly."
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One more, then I'll leave ya all alone for a bit. I don't know if this is a scene in a fic or something that's only made passing mention of. It's an AU, timeframe undetermined. Vin is a vampire or something supernatural. Usually Ezra can handle him, but Vin overpowers Ezra (mentally? physically?) and feeds on him. I think there's a slash relationship between Vin and Chris. Idon't want to say more, because I think the rest is just my own imagination. And if that's the case, I may eventually put it to paper (so to speak.)

Thanks in advance. I'll be quiet now. :D
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Hi, I'm new here.  I'm glad to find there is a place like this because the wonderful, prolific Mag7 authors make it almost impossible to find a story that you remember reading 3 years ago. :)

Anyway, I'm looking for two fics.

1.  In this story Chris was turned into a boy.  Buck kept trying to make Chris act like the man he was which frightened Chris.  Ezra, on the other hand, treated Chris like the boy he is and Chris completely bonded with him.  But, Ezra was worried about their relationship when Chris became a man again.

2.  I'm afraid this description is a little more vague.  The story was based in the Old West period, but it had a mystical element to it.  It had something to do with the fact that the universe was safe as long as the 7 were together and the 7 only worked with the core three at the center, the three being Chris, Vin and Ezra.

I hope there is enough here to remind anyone of these stories.

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I'm looking for an ATF fic where Vin and Ezra end up being turned into little kids on a case. It had something to do with merry-go-round.

They end up at an emergecy foster care place, get out from there, and end up just popping up in the denver office. And than Chris kindof takes charge of them and gets them in school for a while until they end up reaged.
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I'm looking for a fanfic that goes between OW and ATF/modernverse. Vin is injured in the OW, but somehow he wakes up in ATF/modernverse and gets treatment, and keeps going back and forth between the two worlds. Chris catches on to the "different Vins" eventually. I read it once, and I have no idea where I found it. Thanks in advance!


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