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Hi all

I am in desperate need of some help, i read a story a while back and i cant remember where to find it, there were a number of stories in the series but it opened with both Ezra and Nathan as slaves, Ezra was a child. He was whipped in front of Nathan for drinking some water then the city got well bombed and Nathan smuggled Ezra out, it was a great story and i cant find hide nor hair of if anyway. So if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Also if anyone can recommend any little ezra stories that would be great i don't mind if the parental units are slash as long as Vin is not in the relationship i don't mind (can't be Vin as it ruins all my delicious day dreams, then how else will i survive my meetings at work).

Oh also really into time travel at the moment (thanks to ITV and lost in Austen) but more someone of our time going back to the wild west so again any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch

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I'm looking for a crossover fic. The boys are taken and preserved in stasis by an alien, and rescued years later by SG-1. It was Chris/Vin. Vin was badly hurt and would have died if they hadn't had a convenient piece of alien technology on hand. I'm fairly certain Jack O'Neill played a pretty major part - I remember a scene where Jack takes Vin to the shooting range and is stunned by his skills. [FOUND!]

Since I'm here anyway, could someone also rec me good Mary/Anyone-other-than-Chris fic?

If anyone could help me I'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance.


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