Jan. 14th, 2009

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Hello, All!
I've been looking for a fic for days now, I thought I'd read it on The Wonderful World of Makebelieve, but can't find it there, and since I've finished with all the other sites I could think of, I'm getting desperate.  I don't remember all of it, but it was definitely Vin/Ezra, and the relationship was just getting started.  Ezra had started (years before) a type of orphanage in a bad part of town, I believe that either it or the part of town was called the Inferno, and Ezra was called the Demon or something similar.
Not the best to go on but...
Anything will be welcome for my continuing sanity
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okay searching for a few fics:
first one- Chris is beaten by a water fountain and the others are watching, Ezra is in fact making bets about if he's going to punch it or not. (found complete)

second one- Xander turns out to be Chris' kid.(found ic)

third one- Ezra is a vampire, the others don't trust him, JD is prince from another world and they'll chasing this one bad guy though dimensions. (found ic)

thanks ahead of time


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