Feb. 1st, 2009

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if you guys weren't so awesome at finding these stories, sigh...grins
alright looking for three stories, one is AFT the other 2 are Old West.

AFT- criminals point of view during a trial, while the seven testify. He think JD is way to young and Ezra should be an actor or owning his own buisness. (http://blackraptor.net/m7fic-34/trial.htm)

1st Old West- another view from the criminal, Ezra tricks a wouldbe bank robber into trying to rob 4 corners, with Josiah being a procasinator, JD to green, Buck never leaving the ladies, Nathan being a healer...ect (found, by the author of the story! AWESOME THANK YOU FOR YOUR STORIES)

2 nd Old West- a trial is being held, Judge Travis prociding, and Ezra is testifying that the criminal was playing cards with him, and proves it by bringing out his winnings and a list of willing witnesses (FOUND http://www.geocities.com/kslmag7/coarchive/exuviate.html)

Okay, I'm sneaking one more in- Vin betrayed Ezra, and Ez left to the city. Vin follows and begins trying to make it up to him by not embrassing him and acting like gentlemen. (never mind found....just a few stories after posting this, I found it. http://www.geocities.com/kslmag7/coarchive/adrawinghand_series.html)

Thank YOU! Wow less than 2 days and you found them


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