Feb. 8th, 2009

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Hey guys I don't know if I posted this search here before but here goes...

It's a crossover with The Sentinel. Blair and Vin had met when they were kids. Vin was living on the street and Naomi had left Blair with some people who wound up getting arrested or something. Anyway Blair wound up on the street and Vin found him and helped him. Naomi didn't know what had happened. When she arrived to pick Blair up they met her outside the peoples house and she took a picture of them together.

Presant day... The boys are grown up and for some reason TS crew and the Mag7 crew gt together. Blair and Vin wind-up getting kidnapped by this guy who drugs them and makes them think they are homeless teens or preteens. They escape and end up in shelters and living in an abandned store.  The others are looking for them.

The bad guy has some plan that I can't remember. But I think Blair and Vin had caused trouble for him that time when they were kids and he was getting revenge on them as adults....

Anyway if this sounds familiar please help... I don't remember title,author, or archive...any info gets bag of chocolates...:D


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