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I'm searching for a fic (more likely a series) set in OW. I don't remember how it starts, but Chris, Vin, and Ezra are together until someone runs Ezra out of town (probably Mary). I think Ezra went to Judge Travis for some reason or another and at the end of their conversation, he names Ezra Sheriff of a new town full of diverse people. Asian, African-American, and so on. Ezra leaves on a train and he's anguishing over his decision. He sells his coat because it would make it easier for Chris and Vin to track him down. The clerk he sells it to gives him her husband's coat in exchange because she wants to help him out after taking a good look at him. Her husband comes back and ask where it is and she told him she sold it.

This really stuck out to me, because later, Chris and Vin stop at that exact store and see his coat. One of them decides to buy it just in case they don't find Ezra, but the other also decides to pitch in so they can share it.

Ezra arrives at the town and all the residents are very anxious until he meets with the town preacher. And all the womenfolk are praying he's single. A bit after, some high end jackass comes into town and starts to cause trouble because he wants the town to sell off for rail road construction. He instantly finds Ezra attractive and wants him in his bed.

Unfortunately, that's all I can remember. Any help in finding this fic would be greatly appreciated! :D


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