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I'm looking for a trilogy of stories by Yolanda. It begins with Rebuilding the Past, then Day of the Hunters, There was supposed to be a third story Remember Me. Does anyone know if it was written and if so where we can find it. The first two stories are very cool and awesome. Please help.
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Original Request by [ profile] kaitlia777 on this post link to fic is in the comments.


Mar. 31st, 2009 08:39 pm
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Original Request by [ profile] tanndell on this post details about fic are in the comments.
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Original Request by [ profile] rayden54 on this post link to fic is in the comments.
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Original Request by [ profile] winks7985 on this post link to fic is in the comments.
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this one is sticking in my brain recently.  and if i don't find it, i'm doomed to never get it out of my brain.

what i remember is this:  ezra sitting in his office, all o the guys having come from a bust or a raid.  josiah goes into chris's office with ezra's vest and says something to the effect of "i don't think ezra got out of that unscathed" and holds up the vest and there's damage to the vest.  they go to ezra's office and make him open his shirt to reveal a big bruise on his side.

and that's all i remember.  it's bothering the hell out of me though.

anyone know what i'm talking about?  or at least heard of it (so i know i'm not crazy)?
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I remember there was a fan fiction i read awhile ago

it is about Ezra fell off from a root when Vin was chasing him or something, and then Ezra was badly injuried.

I cant remember the rest of it, but I think it is VIn and Ezra centered. And I can't remember if it is slash or gen.

However, does anyone know about this story?

thank you


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I just finished reading Q'Mar's Traviner Variant stories on Blackraptor and off a Mag 7 challenge sight.  In one of the fics it mentions an incident where the guys are going to the airport and Ezra's picture is posted on one of their boards from a previous kidnapping attempt.  I can't find the story about his kidnapping.  Does anyone know where I might find it? I appreciate the help.
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Hi all!

I'm looking for OW fics where Ezra is hiding other professions behind his gambler persona; teacher, lawyer, doctor, soldier, writer etc. Also, if you know any fics where Ezra is related to more people than Maude (adopted, blood, in-laws). It doesn't matter if they're gen, het or slash but I'd like more comfort than hurt with my h/c.
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if you guys weren't so awesome at finding these stories, sigh...grins
alright looking for three stories, one is AFT the other 2 are Old West.

AFT- criminals point of view during a trial, while the seven testify. He think JD is way to young and Ezra should be an actor or owning his own buisness. (

1st Old West- another view from the criminal, Ezra tricks a wouldbe bank robber into trying to rob 4 corners, with Josiah being a procasinator, JD to green, Buck never leaving the ladies, Nathan being a healer...ect (found, by the author of the story! AWESOME THANK YOU FOR YOUR STORIES)

2 nd Old West- a trial is being held, Judge Travis prociding, and Ezra is testifying that the criminal was playing cards with him, and proves it by bringing out his winnings and a list of willing witnesses (FOUND

Okay, I'm sneaking one more in- Vin betrayed Ezra, and Ez left to the city. Vin follows and begins trying to make it up to him by not embrassing him and acting like gentlemen. (never mind found....just a few stories after posting this, I found it.

Thank YOU! Wow less than 2 days and you found them
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Hi everyone,

I've been looking for this particular fic for a while now, but I just can't remember the story or much of the details. I'm pretty sure it was ATF, it was probably Gen, definitely Ezra-centric. Just a scene stands out:
Ezra is in hospital (possibly catatonic or shocked or something, and is not his usual "chatty" self), sitting in his own room, by the window in an armchair (I think). I think it was Buck who finds him sitting there, Ezra starts crying silently, and Buck hugs him because he doesn't know what to say.

....unfortunately that's all I can remember. I'm pretty sure it was Buck and no one else who was in that particular scene.
Any help is appreciated!!

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 Good evening!
It's late and I could not sleep, so I am looking for  fan fictions to read :)

Is there any fan fictions with Vin being hit by one of the team members? or being blamed?

and I am also looking for fictions with Vin being sick as well. gen or slash with ezra/vin or chris/vin pairing particularly .

Please help, and thank you all!

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okay, um I looking for a story where Ezra doesn't want to partner with Buck because he doesn't trust him not to put JD first...Chris asks Buck if Jd was fighting a guy w/a knife and Ezra a gun who would he help. (found)

Second one is Sentiel xover- I think Ezra and Blair know each other, and or maybe it's Vin, and anyway the station is attacked and VinorEzra talk the guy into putting the gun down because they have a headache. (found)

Third One- Ezra escapes the hospital and ends up at Buck's place by himself during a storm when Buck has a girl over...okay any fics where Ezra escapes the hospital or Nathan's place.

And still looking for Chris fighting a drinking fountain and loosing, with Ezra taking bets
(found thanks)

thanks in advance
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*waves* one of my friends on a mailing list mentioned a fic where Chris spanks JD, consentually, and only Ezra disagrees with the punishment.

If anyone knows where it is... or if there are many other DD fics out there (ezra- focused) I'd be much obliged. *grins* I thank you all!
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Hello, All!
I've been looking for a fic for days now, I thought I'd read it on The Wonderful World of Makebelieve, but can't find it there, and since I've finished with all the other sites I could think of, I'm getting desperate.  I don't remember all of it, but it was definitely Vin/Ezra, and the relationship was just getting started.  Ezra had started (years before) a type of orphanage in a bad part of town, I believe that either it or the part of town was called the Inferno, and Ezra was called the Demon or something similar.
Not the best to go on but...
Anything will be welcome for my continuing sanity
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Hello everybody!

Today I am looking for two different stories I read when I was new to this fandom. Both stories are slash with Ezra as a main character.

#1 Ezra/Vin OW story. Ezra likes watching his lover sleep but Vin can't stay asleep when he feels somebody watching. To do his lover a favor Vin takes some sleeping potion/powder (or something) to stay asleep. Only he takes too much and Ezra can't wake him. In a panic he gets the others and of course has to spill the beans concerning the relationship between him and Vin.

#2 ATF story, I'm honestly not sure anymore with whom Ezra was paired. Something goes wrong with Ezra's migraine-medicine, completely throwing his emotional balance. The scene I remember clearly is Ezra hiding in the bathroom because he can't stop crying (and doesn't even understand why he is crying) and his lover comes and gets him.

So, I'm trusting the amazing finding-abilities of this community.
Thanks already
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*waves* hi all!

I'm looking for any Mag7/Buffy crossover.

Preferably slash. I've read the ones on TTH, and I was hoping that there was more. Especially if it was a Xander/Ezra, Xander/Vin, Xander/Chris or Xander/Buck crossover.

*puppy dog eyes* please help me?
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I have read a story awhile ago where Vin was showing Ezra how to track. Though I can't remember the name, does anyone remember the name of the story?
Also, there is another one I am looking for where Vin and Ezra are twins. I think one is in the LB AU and the other one is in ATF AU.

Thank  you:)

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Ok, I know these stories exisit, I read them before, but I can' seem to find them again.

1) A whole series of stories where Ezra was a crimnal profiler I think and joined the M7 FBI team but not everyone likes him, and he had like a hannibal lecter like assciation with a child murderer he put away.

2) A supernatural series... I think the whole group were supernatural investigators, I know there were aliens in one of the stories, but that's all I got unfortuately.

3)Does anyone know if J.Brooks has writte a sequel to Fellow Traveller (I'm not talkin Encumbered) I recall it being mentioned somewhere that she was writing one, but no matter where I look I can find no sign of it.

4) (if this isn't allowed just let me know) Does anyone have any really good recs wherein th seven, most particularly Vin or Chrs are realy protective over Ezra, maybe someone insults him and they take offense even if he doesn't, one's where Ezra is very uncanonically insecure (Well, looking back he wasn't as insecure as fic makes him out to be, but sue me, I like him doubting himself and the others) but all endings must be happy.

5) Any young/kid ezra fic. if the others are kids too that's fine, but I've found it particularly difficult to track all the kidfic down, and it happens to be my favorite, I know about M7 Kidfic, and Ezras littleverse archive, but I keep hitting dead ends other than those and it's driving me mad cause I'm sure there are more kidfics out there that I can't find.

6) (Final one I promise) Does anyone happen to know of any fics out there where Nathan is the one taking care of Ezra, either with Ezra as a kid, or an adult, or some kind of brotherly thing going on, becaus I could just see Maude and Nathan's father together (in the past), and the two boys now men have to deal with the outcome. If there are none I might just take the idea ad write a fic on it myself.

Thank you in advance for any and all help. 


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